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Plain Colour Party Food Boxes Children's Party Kids Bags Celebration Cake Box

Plain Colour Party Food Boxes Children's Party Kids Bags Celebration Cake Box

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Elevate Your Celebrations with Party Boxes - The Ultimate Food and Fun Container!

Our versatile Party Boxes are your go-to solution for all your party needs, whether it's children's parties, hen dos, birthdays, or special events. These boxes are perfect for storing food, cake, or even creating unique gift bags.

Great for Every Occasion: These party boxes are incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of occasions, including kids' parties, Halloween loot bags, baby showers, and more. Let your creativity run wild!

Ideal for Leisure and Entertainment: Perfect for leisure parks, funfairs, attractions, concerts, cinemas, and event organizers. These boxes are a must-have for restaurants, markets, catering, and event catering.

Optimal Food Protection: These boxes offer optimum product protection for fast food, snacks, and treats. They are also perfect for gifting, party favors, or organizing activities.

Box Size: Approximately 14cm x 9.5cm x 12cm. Sent flat-packed for your convenience, simply fold them to create a sturdy box.

Colors: Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Yellow, Mix

Pack Includes: 1Pc, 2Pcs, 4Pcs, 10Pcs, 20Pcs, 30Pcs, 40Pcs, 50Pcs

Make your next celebration memorable and hassle-free with our Party Boxes. Order now and add a pop of color and convenience to your events!

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